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  • Seismologist

Daniel Kirkhus / Seismologist

Daniel Kirkhus is a Musician, Designer, and Photographer based in Catskill, New York.

Dan stumbled on his passion for electronic music at the age of 10. The die was cast when he stood at his dad's reel-to-reel deck, armed with a five dollar microphone, and figured out a way to make infinite echoing waves of feedback and thunder. Fast forward 34 years, and that kid is still playing in the studio.

I love peeling a layer off of a sound and sending it on a round trip to other spaces and shapes. And when that layer returns as its transformed self, and joins other layers to become part of this enormous, cohesive slab... I just never get tired of that sound, and that feeling. Of course, a giant kick drum punching me in the sternum is good, too.

With his wife, Daniel is co-owner of Lovely, a boutique and gallery space in Catskill, NY. He is also busy with Portskill, a web/media design firm he founded to help local businesses.

Currently, Dan is rolling out a line of handmade lamps and lamp shades in the Spring of 2015, and has several shows of his art and photography scheduled for later in the year.