• Uberscan


All Fine art Reproduction scanning for PINGENDI is done with Uberscan by Colourgenics

Uberscan is the most sophisticated fine art scanning technology in the world.
The first machine of its class, and the only Cruse Synchron scanner of its size in the province, our Cruse Synchron ST FA 285 achieves the highest quality reproduction possible from virtually any piece of artwork.

Built in Germany by famed Hermann Cruse, the Synchron has been called a "Rolls-Royce of scanners" and is a result of many decades of innovative thinking and research.

The Uberscan images are breathtakingly exact and your service in ensuring that each reproduction is true is without equal. The colours are so vivid and precise!”

Dr. Suan-Seh Foo, President, Medical Alumni Association, University of Toronto


This technology features:

  • Direct, contactless scans from original art as large as 90” x 60”, or of any size in sections, with perfect geometry
  • Unparalleled resolution, sharpness and clarity
  • The ability to scan framed art, posters, painted textures and 3D objects; and result in completely life-like reproduction of reliefs, brush strokes and canvas textures!
  • Choice of no-glare even lighting or texture revealing modes
  • UV-free cool lighting is safe for archival materials
  • Produces images up to 299 megapixels, suitable for any size reproduction, from publications to murals.