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Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis is an artist and freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario

Sean Lewis was urged by his parents to doodle from an early age, drawing has always played a huge role in his life. With the generous support of his family and friends, it has been a constant pursuit throughout his life and led to him attending OCAD University for illustration. His thesis work was awarded the gold medal in his program at the annual graduate exhibition.

Inspired by North American culture, Canada’s vast natural landscapes, and road trips across the continent, his work tackles environmental concerns and emphatically explores the way he and others look at the world and what they want out of it.

"Drawing has been one of the most constant elements in my life. It has remained one of the few directional sign posts I have been able to follow growing up. It gives me a huge sense of comfort knowing it'll always be there to help me express myself."

Sean's colour palette is often worn away and earthy, evoking something aged and is visually inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, using graphic shapes and expressive lines to bring life to his subject matter. Sean’s work has been published by Nobrow, Gestalten, 3x3 Magazine, which also awarded his paintings 2 Gold Medals and a Distinguished Merit in 2011.

Sean is currently taking freelance editorial work for various magazines while working on a personal collection of new paintings. He is also gearing up to travel throughout South East Asia in the Spring.